Tuesday, December 31, 2013

(Part 1) How to overcome the Fear of starting a Nigerian Based Online Business

Would you love to start or re-start an online business in Nigeria but are afraid to? If yes, then its time to overcome and put your fears behind you because in this article you will discover the Top 3 fears most people have about starting an online business in Nigeria and exactly how to overcome them for good to start making a 6 figure income online.

Before I start, let’s proceed with a question: Can a Nigerian really make money online legitimately? YES! But let’s take the emphasis off the word ‘REALLY’ and place it where it belongs – on YOU. Can YOU really make money online?

Sure you can! IF you REALLY want to.

Desire is the first key to success.

But here’s where it gets a little tricky. If your desire is for money alone rather than what money can buy, your work will be made much harder, if not impossible because Money is only a Tool  and so you should focus on the good that money will bring to your life, such as free time and all the fun ways to spend it, then you’ll give positive direction to your efforts.

Think about it. What can that money buy you? A new car, your kids’ education, a new land, a second honeymooon … how about living in an island working from there? Are these really possible for you? YES! So dream a little – dream a LOT, but create some desire, and a REASON to work hard for what you want to achieve.

And these brings me to the Fears many people have about owning an online business and how to overcome them:

Fear #1: Fear of I Don’t know where to Start
I can't tell you how many times I've heard "I want to start my own business, but..." Followed by any number of reasons. Typical responses are "I don't know what to sell", "I don't know how to set up a website", "I don't know which step to take” etc.

Fear is paralyzing and it STOPS great ideas and great business without ever seeing daylight of commencing. The reasons are above are genuine hurdles people face but what matters is how you turn around these fears to your advantage.

ACTION:  To overcome the fear of not knowing where to start or what to do, you need a COACH. Every BIG time player in ALL fields of life have a coach. Some have the coaches as personal coaches and distant coaches. Anybody, anywhere can teach you how to do something, but not everybody is a coach. By coach I mean someone whom you can run to anytime you hit a problem in that particular field. Someone who will train you for months.

What happens here in Nigeria is people sell you all manners of ebooks but once you go through and get stuck, you can hardly find a coach who can help you overcome those hurdles, even the teachers are NOT coaches.

good coach will help you get over your hurdles and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Nearly every successful guru has their own coaching program. One online business coach in Nigeria I can recommend to you is Onome Maureen and her “Ultimate Earn While You Learn” program is a 6-month online affiliate business coaching program.

Fear #2: Fear of being Scammed Online
Now this fear is a real BIG online business Killer! The truth is, who has not been scammed online before? What most Nigerians refer to as a scam is, they bought someone’s product but they never got the product or they bought and got the product but never made any money from it.

In terms of these, the most successful online business men and women have experienced one scam or the other. What is it you fear the most? I want you to imagine the worst case scenario. Is it losing all your money? Is it having to tell your family and friends you failed?

ACTION: If you lost your money to a scam, then pick yourself up and start again but this time put precautions in place such as researching a person or product online before ever purchasing. To do that use Google.com.

But if you bought a product and you did not make money from itYOU also have a part to play in that. Did you follow all the steps? Did you give up on the business once you had one or two problems? Did you contact the product owner consistently to get a solution to the hurdles you faced? If not, then DO them.

I will stop here today to give you time to think over and apply what you have learnt today to overcome your fears about the online business and in my next article I will reveal the 3rd and final fears most Nigerians face when it comes to the online business and how to paralyze your fears to achieve your money goals.

See you there.

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