Tuesday, December 31, 2013

No. 1 Skill you need to make LOTS of Money in ANY Business online in Nigeria

Do you want to sell thousands of copies of any product you have using the internet? If yes, then there is ONE skill you must master if you want to get hungry, ready-to-buy buyers eager to use your products.

That skill is called facebook marketing!

And in this article, you’ll discover the top 5 benefits of using facebook for ANY business you have to cause a flood of sales and profits.

The last time I checked, we had over 5.8 million Nigerian users of facebook and 50% are active at least once everyday and this number keeps growing daily. So what does this figure tell you and how does it concern your business?

It means that the fastest way to reach Nigerians in all cities and all states is via facebook and the greater number you can reach, the greater the sales of your product and greater profits.

Can any business whatsoever use facebook to make insane amounts of profits?

YES! It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re into. As long as it requires a sale of a product or service, then facebook is a KEY to making LOTS of money.

Here are the Top 5 benefits why you MUST use facebook for your business!

1. Wide Target Customer Reach: I already said there are millions of Nigerians on facebook and so using the facebook secrets will cause your business to be reached by millions of Nigerians and hence wider customer base.

The average user on facebook has at least 100 friends and if he interacts with you on facebook, all his other 100 friends would automatically be informed about your business and this translates into a wider customer base.

2. Faster Interaction with Your Customers: Have you been trying to communicate more with your past customers with difficulty? Facebook will help you solve that problem because with a facebook page for your business, you can interact easily with them and inform them of new products, conduct events, contents and even ask for ideas from on how you can improve your products or services.

3. You have International reach for your Products: A very great benefit of Facebook is that there are no geographic barriers for you. You can communicate immediately with users thousands of miles away at no extra cost to your business. Posting messages through your company Facebook page will save you from having to cold call new business contacts.

4. Advertise your products and services Quickly:  So there are over 5 million Nigerians on facebook, how can you quickly and deliberately reach out to them all at once? Its through facebook adverts. Facebook has provided an easy medium through which you can reach out to these fans with as little as $0.01 or N1.65k per click of any Nigerian whom you advertise to. This is so cheap compared to other forms of advertising media.

Whenever you login to you facebook account, look at the right handside and you will see pictures of business with few lines of text and when you click on it, you are either directed to a business website or a facebook page for that business and then the profits start rolling in. That is what facebook ads will do for you. This is also called website traffic.

 5. Word of Mouth FREE Advertising: Facebook has some powerful features such as LIKES, Comments, Newsfeed and Share tools which allow FREE advertising and word of mouth to millions of Nigerians.

I already said that there are over 5.8 million Nigerians on facebook and each average user has at least 100 friends on facebook, some people even have up to 1,000 friends.

What this means is, whatever Mr. A does with you on facebook regarding LIKING a post, your business page or commenting or shared by him is seen by all his other 100 friends. And if out of those 100 friends sees what Mr. A liked about your comment or post and decides to comment, share or like it, his action is again seen by his other 100 facebook friends and word about your business keeps on spreading and so the reach of your business expands for FREE.

It’s only facebook that allows such word of mouth free advertising. Can you now see why you need to MASTER facebook marketing? If yes, check out this detailed step-by-step training on how facebook marketing secrets!

So what do you need to get started on facebook marketing? Simple! Get a facebook page for your business.
Thanks for reading.

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